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Big Data

This group will focus on the big data revolution; how it is impacting business models, daily operations and the customers they serve. We will feature new research and presentations from the MIT CDB as well as other perspectives on analytics, predictive analysis and data mining tools.

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Feb 25, 2013

Erk Brynjolfsson Defines the Potential of Big Data

At the recent MIT CDB conference, Erik Brynolfsson said that a change in mindset is critical in order for businesses to reap the rewards of big data.

Gary Loveman Discusses Impediments to Analytics

MIT CDB's Andrew McAfee talks with Caesar's CEO Gary Loveman about why businesses don't make better use of analytics, especially in a weak economy.

The Big Data Revolution

At the last MIT CDB conference on Big Data, Erik Brynjolfsson discussed how big data will profoundly change the way business is conducted going forward and why CEOs must get on board or be left behind.

Andrew McAfee Outlines Big Data Challenges

While most implications of big data will be extremely positive, McAfee presents some of the challenges ahead as well.