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The Digital Advantage: HowDigital Leaders Outperform their Peers

Our global survey of nearly 400 large firms shows that digitally mature firms significantly outperform their peers.  See the attached report.


The digirati -- the 25% of firms that are most digitally mature -- are 26% more profitable, gain 9% more revenue from their physical assets, and earn 12% higher market valuations than their industry competitors.  Digital maturity is more than just investing in technologies such as social media, mobile, or analytics.  Digitally mature firms also have strong capabilities to manage transformation.  The digirati excel in both dimensions.


Although some industries are more digitally mature than others, every industry we studied has at least one digirati.  That is, every firm in these industries has a competitor that is already earning the digital advantage.  Since digital maturity takes several years to develop, every executive should start to consider what it will take to get there.


Our study also identified a set of patterns, which we call the Digital DNA, through which digitally mature firms build their capabilities.


Digital maturity matters.  It matters in every industry.  And the approaches used by digitally mature companies are available to any company that has the leadership drive to do so.


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